A&S Greatest Hits

One of our goals in the College of Arts and Sciences is to highlight research that improves lives and changes the world. Here, we highlight the top five stories about research and creative activity in the college from July to November of 2019.

Number #1

Today’s Obesity Epidemic May Have Been Caused by Childhood Sugar Intake Decades Ago

Alex Bentley, professor and head of the Department of Anthropology, was the lead researcher in a study that concluded current obesity rates in adults in the United States could be the result of dietary changes that took place decades ago.

Number #2

Do You Believe in Centaurs?

UT has its own unique piece of mythological history in the John C. Hodges Library—the bones of an adult male centaur. May marked the 25th anniversary of the installation “The Centaur Excavation at Volos,” which continues to present interested passersby with the same simple question: “Do you believe in centaurs?”

Number #3

UT to Develop Protocol for Examining Burned Remains for Blunt-Force Trauma

Two UT anthropology faculty members received a $212,738 grant from the National Institute of Justice to develop a protocol to identify correctly blunt-force fractures made before death from burned human remains.

Number #4

What Did Ancient Crocodiles Eat?

Many odd adaptations of alligators and crocodiles through time seem to be associated with what the animals were eating, but how do scientists study the diet of animals that have been dead for millions of years? Stephanie Drumheller-Horton tackled the question with math.

Number #5

Play about Highlander Center Comes to CBT

The play is inspired by true events during the civil rights movement and centers around the Highlander Research and Education Center, an East Tennessee training ground for social activists including Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and John Lewis.

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