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In Memoriam 2016

In Memoriam 2016

Since the beginning of this calendar year, the college and the university have lost twelve members of our college community who left their mark on the institution and our hearts.

Signs of a Flood

On one December morning Larry McKay suited up in a rain coat and rubber boots and headed out into the Tennessee River basin. A couple dozen other people joined him.. What were they searching for?

Finding Peace

Mike and Jane are fighting. Again. There is a lot of screaming and shouting. Neighbors hear the noise, get concerned, and call the police. Mike gets arrested and referred to a batterer intervention program.


At five, Benjamin Parton simply wanted to be like his older violin-playing brother. His competitive streak of simply wanting to be better at strings than his brother waned as he honored his calling.

Vested in Promise

Timothy Deidesch and Mohammad Moniruzzaman are the first two recipients of the Penley Fellowship which provides a graduate student with resources to pursue a research project or creative endeavor of exceptional promise.

Impactful Results

Paying it forward placed the Department of Geography on the map for Neil Conner. A mostly privately funded cushion of financial support adds to the robust learning environment of the doctoral geography student.