Faculty Support Challenge

The College of Arts and Sciences is the academic foundation of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the largest contributor to all aspects of UT’s missions of instruction, research, and service to society.

A key ingredient to this success is recruiting, retaining, and supporting world-class faculty who pursue innovative research and creative activity. In order to attract and retain top minds from the around the world to teach, mentor, and work alongside our students, we take an active role to provide the necessary resources that make our college a destination workplace. Philanthropic support, such as the Chancellor’s Faculty Support Challenge, helps provide these resources and propel us to new levels of excellence.

Craig Barnes
Craig Barnes

Investment in our faculty provides an immediate impact on our students. In order for our graduates to be successful and compete in today’s global marketplace, they must be equipped with cutting-edge research concepts and creative activities. Top faculty members provide quality educational experiences for our students and create the next generation of leaders for our state and nation.

Our network of alumni and friends in the College of Arts and Sciences accepted the Chancellor’s Faculty Support Challenge. To date, we have establish 20 endowments to support faculty salaries. Thanks to your support, we have the means to reward and retain outstanding faculty, which, in turn, help us recruit talented students and ensure our graduates receive the best research training, creative activity engagement, and other opportunities that expand their worldview and create options for their future.

The Chancellor’s Faculty Support Challenge continues. Join us on our journey and help support our faculty and transform the lives of the next generation of Vols.

“I am very thankful for the recognition and support of my teaching and research efforts through the A. Van Hook Faculty award. Maintaining an active research group involving both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as teaching, is a very demanding responsibility. Being recognized for what we have accomplished is like hearing the university say ‘good job.’ Everyone likes to hear those words once in a great while.”

-Craig Barnes, Professor
Alexander Van Hook Faculty Award in Chemistry Endowment