David Anderson

David AndersonDavid Anderson is professor of anthropology at UT, specializing in archaeology. He has done fieldwork for over forty years in the southeastern, southwestern, and midwestern United States, and in the Caribbean.

His primary research interest is the prehistoric and contact period archaeology of the southeastern United States, although he also likes to explore topics like the peopling of the Americas, the rise and fall of complex societies, and integrating archaeological data over large scales.

Professor Anderson is the author of nearly fifty books and technical monographs, and has written or given several hundred shorter presentations. He has been recognized with several major awards for professional achievement from his colleagues, and has served as the President of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference.

He was named Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2014, and has won two major awards from the Society for American Archaeology—the Excellence in Cultural Resource Management Research Award in 1999 and the Presidential Recognition Award in 1997. The UT College of Arts and Sciences honored him with the Senior Research and Creative Achievement Award in 2012 and the Advising Award in 2009.

He received the bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve, the master’s degree from the University of Arkansas, and a doctoral degree in anthropology from the University of Michigan.