Home, Away, and Back Home: How the Language of Music Works

Music has been the center of every human culture throughout history, making the case for our human need to interact with music.

All people respond to music, and can intuitively participate in its logic and ensuing emotional affect. But how does this happen?

In in a talk designed for accomplished students of music, complete musical novices, and everyone in between, professor Baldwin will illuminate the mechanics of how total music works. He will explore and demonstrate how the language of music engages us, how it creates a sense of musical center or “home”, and how musical tension, expectation, resolution, and surprise are created. He will explore with the audience the demonstrable physiological and emotional responses of listening to music, offering insights into the musical effects that make a musical piece or song evoke in listeners emotions of sadness, happiness, triumph, introspection, or agitation.

On this game day, professor Baldwin hopes the audience might leave the presentation more attuned to why the lyrics of a particular song sticks in the mind and why they love hearing the Pride of the Southland Band at a UT football game.