Brick Campaign

Why I Give to Arts & Sciences

Jamie Blessinger (left) and Jane Gulley (right)

This year, we recognized UT employees who have supported the College of Arts and Sciences for 10 or more years. We share their reasons why they give to the college and some photos of Interim Dean Hinde recognizing their legacy. Each donor received a “brick” Tennessee Marble made from the same marble used in the construction of Ayres Hall. 

Jamie Blessinger, Executive Assistant to President Randy Boyd

I’m passionate about education, and the College of Arts and Sciences is large, diverse, and can use my support. 

Becky Powell, MBA Program Administrator, BA/MA from UT Department of World Languages and Cultures

Becky Powell

I designated the Gerti Wunderlich fund because I was a recipient of this award from the former Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages (now Department of World Languages and Cultures) in 1994. The funds I received covered my entire round-trip airfare to Germany for my one-year study abroad at the Universität Trier. Without such financial support, it would have been difficult for me to afford this life-changing opportunity. I want to give back to the program by supporting current advanced students of German who desire an international learning experience but may have limited means to do so.

Sally Horn, Professor, Department of Geography and Sustainability

Early in my career at the University of Tennessee what I learned, probably from Dean Larry Ratner in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, was that the issue was not so much about how much you gave, but that you gave something, because it is important to show a high percentage of faculty contributing and believing in ourselves.

Thank you for your support!