Join the Dean’s Circle for Big Orange Give!

As the flagship college and academic foundation of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the College of Arts and Sciences is the central driver of the university’s academic accomplishments and the largest contributor to all aspects of UT’s missions of instruction, research, and service to society.

Our alumni and friends provide the support essential for the college to broaden our margin of excellence and advance our national standing. Our donors fuel our momentum.

For this year’s Big Orange Give, we’re encouraging our alumni to become part of the Dean’s Circle with a leadership investment of $1,000 or more annually to the College Fund and/or to a Department Enrichment Fund.

Members of the Dean’s Circle join a group of generous friends and alumni that understand the importance of supporting the college’s most urgent needs. As thanks for their leadership in giving annually to the college, they receive the following benefits:

  • Dean’s Circle lapel pin, which displays the iconic Ayres Hall
  • Acknowledgment on the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Circle Honor Roll
  • Invitations to UT and College of Arts and Sciences campus and regional events and receptions
  • Access to a college liaison who can answer questions and provide important updates about UT and the College of Arts and Sciences
  • A print of an original painting of Ayres Hall by student artist, Brandon Pham

For more information, contact Lori Eldridge, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at or 865-974-8702.

Brandon Pham painting – gift for new Dean’s Circle members

Brandon Pham is a passionate artist whose work explores the themes of cultural identity, representation, and creating a safe space for marginalized communities. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Brandon’s artistic journey has been shaped by his surroundings and personal experiences as an Asian-American. Currently a senior majoring in 2D studio art at UT, Brandon has developed a strong foundation in various artistic techniques and mediums. However, his primary focus and true passion lie in painting. Through this medium, he believes that art has the power to convey not only an individual’s identity but also their cultural background, values, hardships, and relationships within society.

Brandon’s art practice is driven by a deep desire to represent the cultures and cultural identities of minorities. He recognizes the importance of providing a voice and visibility to those who have been historically underrepresented. By creating a safe space through his artwork, Brandon aims to address the societal imbalances and foster a sense of inclusivity and understanding.

His paintings serve as a reflection of his own life as an Asian- American, weaving personal narratives and shared experiences into his work. Brandon’s art is a fusion of personal introspection and a broader exploration of social issues. Through his compositions, he invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of cultural identity, shedding light on the diverse stories that often go unheard.

Brandon Pham’s artistic vision extends beyond the canvas, as he aspires to further his education by attending graduate school after completing his undergraduate degree. With this academic pursuit, he hopes to deepen his understanding of art theory, expand his technical skills, and engage in critical dialogues about representation and cultural diversity within the art world.